Cedar Hedge Farm
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About us


The first goal of the farm is to produce food in a manner that is healthy for both the person eating it and the environment as a whole. We want to limit the carbon footprint and remove all non-natural fertilizers and pesticides. The farm will be as organic as possible without formal certification. We hope to use more manpower than gas power and in the end create a self-sustaining environment. This means that we may not produce the prettiest vegetables but they will be healthy. Let's face it, if we don't have a few "bad" bugs, what would the "good" bugs eat? Good and bad is more about the effect on what we are trying to do than a judgement - we all have a purpose.

The second is to make this a place for family and community with some simple events and an open door/field policy, where people who want to see where their food comes from can pop in. Those who want to lend a hand can do so in an open environment where we can all learn from each other. Once we have a table, there will always be a couple of extra places for those who just drop in for a meal or even just a conversation that doesn't involve typing.


Ok, someone else should be writing this but here goes. I grew up on "The Farm, " as we called it, a (just under) 100-acre vegetable farm where some of my fondest memories originated: from the greenhouse in the spring to the fields in the summer and fall and, of course, this is Canada, so we also had a great out door hockey rink in the winter (no boards but just as big or at least it seemed that way). Those first 20 years taught me a lot about hard work and what I could achieve if I set my mind to it. From there I went on to school and then on 20-plus years in marketing and advertising. The last 20 years taught me what I didn't want to do - stop by the farm some time and we can talk about it - so now I'm moving back to where my true passion lies.

My personal belief is that all we really need is food, shelter, someone to share both with, and a purpose. One of the things I was taught as a child was to think for myself, to try to understand what was being asked of me then to make a decision as to whether I should do it or not. Would I like an iPad? Do I need one? Will my life be better or worse? My outlook on life has been met with all kinds of reactions, from enthusiastic support to getting labelled a crazy hippy. The only difference I see between crazy and eccentric is the amount of money in your bank account...and to be honest eccentric might be nice but i'm very happy to be crazy.



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